Crescent light

Inspired in light after darkness

Una modelo muestra una chaqueta de denim con forro de peluche y bordados de flores rosadas.


Vår, means spring in Swedish. The season of rebirth and renewal. A time when nature awakens from its long hibernation. It is a time when the trees start to bloom, the birds return after a long migration, and the sun starts shining brighter than ever. The air feels fresher and the world around us starts to come back to life. Vår represents a new beginning, an opportunity to shed the darkness of winter and embrace the light of a new season. It is a time to be inspired by the beauty of nature and to feel grateful for the wonderful world we live in. After the long and cold winter, spring brings hope and excitement, reminding us that there is always something to look forward to. Embrace your inner light, shine bright.
2023 Collection
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