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The Jewel Jacket

The Jewel Jacket

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From our Mystic Jungle permanent collection, this cropped denim jacket is, what we consider, the jewel of the crown. Our most iconic piece. Featuring an overdose of colorful beaded flowers and leaves that were carefully woven by Inga indigenous artisans from Putumayo in the south of Colombia. A statement back with traditional bead weaving made by Embera indigenous artisans. Then all hand embroidered.

8 weeks delivery time.

Unique piece

Material: Denim, and Czech glass beads.

Size: S-M

Fit: Oversize


All of our pieces tell stories stitch by stitch.

These verses are woven by indigenous artisans, imprisoned women, and people who believe they can change the world with their hands.

Each thread, knot, and bead has a bit of the heart of those who dedicated their time and energy so that today, you can shine outside as beautifully as you already shine on the inside.

There’s a lot of love here!

Care Instructions

This piece was embroidered and woven by hand.
It can have some imperfections that are part of the process. With time, the beads and the textiles can have variations of color and texture. These variations correspond to the natural beauty of its materials. We believe that this is what makes each piece a unique work of art, full of enchantment and history.

Care instructions:
Avoid dry cleaning. If needed, please hand wash the piece with cold water.
Do not wash leather or suede pieces.
Dark suede can stain, so please avoid using lighter clothing below.

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